Okay so like, in high school, I was NEVER one of those kids that stayed up all night working on homework. I never put 110% into my work. I was just relaxed and chill. I did my best, I would finish homework in class the day it was due. I never really pushed myself. I had it pretty easy. I mean I am smart I just never really cared too much. but now i’ve become the college student that stays up all night doing homework, and actually taking notes and trying to learn instead of just trying to memorize. like coffee is my best friend cause it keeps me up. and maybe its a result of how much I have grown up the last year. maybe a result of working all summer so i got some work ethic in. or maybe its just the fact that im in college now and what i do matters. 

i dont know. its just a weird side of me ive never seen. 


gettin real tired of my own bullshit

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