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humans have evolved to be omnivores. we have a special kind of acid in our stomach to break down meat, we have canine teeth, as well as other biological characteristics that allow us to eat plants and also meat. just sharing my opinion, humans don't HAVE to eat meat in modern times, because we've found different ways to gain the nutrients we need


That’s cool that you have your opinion but I just want to share a few points which may alter that opinion.

Canines : our teeth and jaw structure itself is different to all carnivores and reflect a herbivore. Yes we have canines - but are these canines the same or even similar to those of a lion, dog or cheetah? No.
Also, if our canines were “proper” canines and if our jaw structure was that of a “proper” carnivore/omnivore - we wouldn’t need to cut meat with knives, we would rip it with our teeth.
I could continue but I won’t. I just hope you understand that the human canine is not equivalent to a carnivore canine.

Humans have zero requirements to eat meat. Eating plant based isn’t and wasn’t the second option!
Humans ate a vegan diet until the ice age - their food sources were wiped out and the resorted to hunting and eating meat to survive. After this time, disease increased and death rates rised. We should’ve returned to a vegan intake when the ice age passed, but we didn’t - greed took over, “we can have it all” mentality arose.

Anyway, we were original “vegan” THEN had to eat meat to survive, then never returned to a full vegan society.

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